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More2Life Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage

More2Life Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage
  • Rate: 6.54%
    APR: 6.60%
    Exclusive: Yes
    Offers: FREE valuation plus upto £1000 cashback payable on completion | This product comes with a maximum drawdown facility if required

The More2Life Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage is a product that takes into account the lifestyle choices and health conditions of homeowners and offers a higher equity release based on these factors. By taking these factors into account, this enhanced lifetime mortgage can work to the benefit of homeowners that have certain conditions or have taken part in certain lifestyle choices. The factors that are taken into account when determining eligibility for this product include age, health, lifestyle, and the property value.

This impaired lifetime mortgage product can provide a higher cash release for those homeowners who partake in a certain lifestyle, or who have certain adverse health conditions. In order to determine if they would qualify for this product, the homeowner must answer a few fairly straightforward questions to help determine if there are certain health conditions present. There is a higher equity release possible for those who qualify because the health condition or lifestyle choice is assumed to shorten the life expectancy of the homeowner. The health & lifestyle questionnaire is used to uncover any conditions that may shorten the life expectancy of the homeowner, therefore allowing for a higher release of equity.

The More2Life Tailored Choice product is marked by several other unique features aside from the potential for an increased cash release. To start, there are no monthly payments required. Homeowners are not required to make any regularly scheduled payments on the balance of their loan. There is also a no negative equity guarantee. This means that if the property is sold for less than the amount of money owed on the loan, the lender will not hold the estate in the negative. Lastly, there is an option for the homeowner to borrow more in the future if they need more funds in the future, following their initial equity release.

This product offered by More2Life is ideal for those homeowners who suffer from a lifestyle or health condition that may shorten their lifetime. By using the Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage, the homeowner is able to release more funds than they would under a standard lifetime mortgage scheme. With this product, there is also no pressure to make any repayments and the homeowner may be able to release more funds in the future if they need to do so. This product works best for those homeowners looking to release a large amount of equity and who also suffer from certain health conditions.

The More2Life Tailored Choice Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage plan is available in the UK including England, Wales & Scotland. The minimum property value is £60,000 with properties upto £1 million acceptable without referral to More2Life. The minimum age to commence the Tailored Choice plan is age 55 with a minimum loan amount of £15,000 with a maximum equity release loan amount of £750,000.